Comfortable Bedpan – for the patient and caregiver

The majority of bedpans on the market are not comfortable. The most common and cheapest bedpan used in hospitals is the fracture bedpan. It is a bedpan with the smallest surface area in contact with the patients skin. This can lead to serious injury. Needing to use a bedpan is not a familiar and comforting experience. Handling a bedpan, and human waste is not a comforting experience either. This discomfort adds to the difficulty of caring for patients requiring a bedpan.

Consider the patient's and your comfort when choosing a bedpan. While using a fracture bedpan is the cheapest option but it is uncomfortable to the patient and caregiver. Emptying and cleaning a fracture bedpan is a hassle. The same is true for the more comfortable pontoon bedpan. Which is difficult to place under a patient and has a tendency to tilt and spill. Cleaning up bedpan spills is unpleasant and a safety issue if the patient has an infectious disease.

For greatest patient and caregiver comfort, choose the EZ Bedpan. It offers a large surface area similar to a regular toilet, providing a familiar comfortable feeling. The EZ Bedpan is contoured for the patient's body and comfort. It can be used in the sitting, semi-sitting and laying positions.

The EZ Bedpan is also designed with the caregiver's comfort in mind. It provides 4 ergonomic handles for easy handling. The sloping walls make it easy and comfortable to place it under the patient. The removable top makes it easy to empty and clean if no insert is used. If an insert is used, the clean up consists of removing the insert and discarding it.

For the patient's and caregivers comfort, go easy, and choose the EZ Bedpan.

Elder Care

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Elder Care and aging affects everyone.  Time cannot be stopped.  Here at EZ Bedpans we are trying to help patients have a more dignified aging process.  We also want to help caregivers help those who they care for. 

Being cared for can feel embarrassing and unnatural as we age.  Many do not want to become a burden or a bother.  Caregivers would prefer products that make their tasks easier.  EZ Bedpans is here to help with one of the most basic human functions, that of urination and defecation.  It is an embarrassing topic but critical to proper health.

We and our products are here to help make it easier. 

Thank you for visiting our website. 


The nurses and doctors at EZ Bedpans


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